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Simplify global transition to a post fossil fuel economy.



Engineering Clean Energy Systems- Refresh of a paper that won best paper award at the INCOSE IS2012 conference. It presents the need for energy systems development. Wind and nuclear scenarios are discussed. 9/12



What every policymaker needs to know about wind power A simple 5 page monograph for the layman.


While Wind Turbines Are Clean, Wind Systems Are Not - Most of the energy in a wind system that is required to deliver energy on demand comes from fossil fuel. The Baltimore Sun Op-Ed, 2/10/12.



Strategy vs. EvolutionThis is a core paper explaining the differences between strategic planning and evolution as ways to develop systems. American Scientist 98:6, pp.448‑450, 11-12/ 2010.



Architecture Governance ‑ Discusses the management structure, roles and responsibilities for Creating Architecture. Architecture and Governance Magazine, 11/06.


Future of Energy Initiative

FoE - A working group sponsored by the Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE



The Future of Great Ideas : Well-constructed and properly supported teams have the potential to outperform the brightest individuals even when it comes to insight. Foresight, Innovation and Strategy: Towards a Wiser Future, World Future Society, 2005,

Modern Tiger Teams: Team Problem Solving for the 21st CenturyOn the care and feeding of expert problem solving teams, Unpublished 4/04



How to Develop Clean Energy SystemsThe task requires a strategic approach that develops whole systems. 14 min YouTube summary of lecture delivered to NASA 6/7/11.



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